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Yeti magic mushrooms is a psilocybe strain that is rare, but very high in demand.  These exotic mushrooms are a variant of True Albino Teacher mushrooms, although many confuse it with Penis Envy mushrooms due to their original penis-shaped structure. They are very striking mushrooms with a thick body, fleshy white trunk, and bluish tones showcasing their high concentration of psilocyin and psilocybin.


Yeti mushrooms are considered one of the most powerful varieties of magic mushrooms on the planet. The effects are very visual, expect synesthesia and other powerful visuals even at lower doses. So please be careful with your dose measurement. 


If you’re ready for a spiritual experience, Yeti magic mushrooms is a good mushroom for this effect. 

The mental clarity of Yeti will help guide you as you see and feel experiences like never before. 

You will want to get prepared mentally and physically. Please remember that set and setting are very important for your experience. 


Your mindset should be ready, unclouded, and calm.   Your environment should be safe and comfortable.  Not reccomended for beginners. 

Yeti Mushroom

C$22.00 Regular Price
C$20.90Sale Price
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