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This week our amazing sale strain is Roger Rabbit or Yak! On sale for only $80 an ounce or 2 ounces for $150! An absolute bargain for these visual, harder hitting treasures. You can even get one of each!

The experience of Roger Rabbit Dried Magic Mushrooms is highly regarded in the global magic mushroom community, described by many as mesmerizingly visual, euphoric, and spiritual. You can expect to have vivid hallucinations, pure euphoria and happiness, along with a sense of whimsy. Picture vibrant colours and fantastical landscapes in these tiny but potent beauties!

Yak is another magnificent hybrid! Extremely rare and extremely potent. Not a lot is known about this secretive straing. Thought to be a cross between Yeti and Melmac. These are about as potent as it gets, with some psychonauts describing their experience more like a DMT trip than mushrooms. Extreme profound visuals abound!! For experienced mushtooms fans! Consume with a hefty dose of respect and remember your Set and setting!

Weekly Sale! Roger Rabbit or Yak!

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