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Purple Kush is a stunning plant with vibrant violet and lavender flowers and foliage.   This 100% Indica strain is the product of crossing choice Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan cultivars. This head-turning purple princess has more bag appeal than Louis V. Purple Kush is a knockout in more ways than one. After a wave of euphoria takes you high, her creeping couch-lock will take you deep. Rich, earthy, hash-like smoke with a hint of grape goes down smooth.


As a hybrid, Purple Kush exhibits the best traits of each parent strain. Alongside a 100% indica genetic profile, she produces good levels of THC and diverse terpenes, and possesses a medium-sized stature that’s easy to manage.  Expect  smaller to medium buds. 


THC levels vary widely in this cultivar. Depending on the phenotype, and environmental conditions such as stress and light exposure, Purple Kush can produce THC levels up to and exceeding 30%—though this is rare. On average, plants produce a still-impressive THC level of 22%.

Purple Kush

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