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Our Pure Envy Macro capsules contain 360mg of Pure Penis Envy Mushrooms.  These are perfect, pre measured doses for those of you who want that consistency and convenience.


These are perfectly dosed for those of you want more of a consistent psilocybin experience.   Enhanced creativity, increased empathy and awareness.  If you’re looking for magic mushrooms that will give you a more intense and robust experience, then Penis Envy is the strain you’re looking for. This all-time classic is known for having a much higher potency than other strains of Psilocybe cubensis such as deep introspection, powerful visuals, and deep spiritual trips.


Penis Envy has become one of the most well-known magic mushroom strains because of its incredible effects. For starters, Penis Envy magic mushrooms have strong visuals.

The visuals that this strain produces also have a distinct wavy characteristic. On top of that, Penis Envy provides boundless euphoria and introspection.


  • a light body high
  • intense euphoria
  • visual hallucinations
  • appreciation for surroundings
  • deep feelings of love
  • appreciation of art
  • philosophical wonder and introspection



1 Capsule (360mg) – Warm and noticable feeling of increased empathy and awareness to your surroundings.
2 Capsules (720mg) – Increased  feeling and awareness, body sensations, laughter, conscious shifts, deeper connection with people, colours are brighter, feeling of love and gratitude, slight euphoria.
3 Capsules (1080mg) –  Mild psilocybin experience including euphoria visuals, concept of time changes, colours are brighter, spiritually enlightened conversations, belly laughs and love for all, light trips.
4+ Capsules (1440mg+) – Psychedelic phase. In and out of psychoactive effects. Mental shifts, unlearning projected truths, deep connections with others who dose with you, a feeling of oneness. Go with the flow. Consume with intention.

Pure Envy

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