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Lucid Gates are a hybrid strain, blending the beauty of True Albino Teachers and the strength of Melmac mushrooms (aka Homestead Penis Envy). They are a truly beautiful mushrooms!  A gorgeous white, pearly coloring, and med-high potency is revered by mushroom enthusiasts.


Another trait of Lucid Gates is its lack of spores, which makes it easier to digest -perfect for people with more sensitive stomachs!


Effects of Lucid Gates 

Lucid Gates have a medium to high potency. The trip normally has a fast come up, with effects being felt within the first 30 mins. It leads to intense feelings of euphoria and a sense of weightlessness. Users often report fits of uncontrollable laughter. It is not unusual to experience a “oneness” with nature and others.

This trip is very visual with colors and patterns melting together and appearing to “breathe”. The subsequent days that follow will leave users with an “afterglow” and elevated mood that may last for several months afterward.

Slightly stronger than Golden Teacher than your general cubensis strains so be aware of this when dosing!


Suggested dosage: For best effects eat magic mushrooms on an empty stomach. For a regular trip we suggest 1-1.5 grams of the product and always suggest allowing 1-2 hours for the effects to kick in before “Topping Up” -or eating more.

Lucid Gates

C$25.00 Regular Price
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