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If you've got a sweet tooth, this strain may be the one for you. This is a top end premium strain!  We have others selling this for $280 an ounce, but we are proud to share this top quality strain with you at VIP prices. It has notes of sweet vanilla, decadent ice cream and smooth candied fruit flavor. With a THC content of up to 22%, you can get potent relaxation and a cool, body high. Nothing says delectable more than the sweet taste of this creamy, cool dessert. If you’re a fan of this treat, there’s even better news. You may not be able to put this strain on a cone, and it won’t melt on a hot, sunny day, but the Ice Cream strain is just as tasty. This indica-dominant hybrid is one for the books.Its award-winning accolades include placement in the Highlife Cup Hemp Fair Awards and in 2008 a second-place win in the Hydro category. In 2009, the Ice Cream strain won third place in the Bio category. Needless to say, this strain’s got quite the – ahem – buzz going. Its composition is about 60% indica and 40% sativa.Anyone in the know can appreciate the smooth, velvety feel of relaxation that most indicas provide along with a touch of the heady, cerebral rush that sativas are known for. You won’t have to wait for summer to indulge in this sweet, cool strain! We’ve done the work of rounding up some of the most important highlights and details about Ice Cream.


What is the Ice Cream Strain?Ice Cream strain was pioneered by Paradise Seeds and is a strain that boasts a heavy-indica background. It’s popular amongst both growers and users and boasts about a 60% indica and 40% sativa split. It’s a potent strain and its parentage is a mystery, though some speculate that it’s a mix between LA Kush and Chemdog – but this is unlikely.


Medical Benefits of the Ice Cream Strain

Those who partake in Ice Cream often report a reduction in stress levels. The strain is said to be an option for those who seek relief from anxiety and depression, as well as disorders such as PTSD. It is also reportedly an alternative to traditional analgesics. Users state that it mitigates many types of bodily aches and pains, including migraines and muscle aches.

Ice cream induces feelings of euphoria and happiness, as well as relaxation. Users indicate that ice cream gives them a feeling of a smooth, let down after a heady, cerebral rush. Ice cream tokers often state that they can feel ‘couch-lock’ after a session as well as an increase in appetite. Others credit Ice Cream strain with a feeling of intense creativity and focus.

Ice Cream

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