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Golden Teacher mushroom has a mild potency level, which is one of the reasons for their growing popularity across the world. This makes it ideal for almost all mushroom lovers, including beginners. It is one of the best gateways for newbies to explore the psychedelic world as its mild nature reduces the risk of a bad trip. Experienced psychonauts can also leverage its numerous unique effects for a memorable psychedelic experience.


Some Golden Teacher’s commonly known effects are enhanced colors, strong emotions, visual distortion, and lightness or giddiness. People named it Golden Teacher because it offers users an insightful and revelatory experience that lasts for hours after use. Gold cap effects are beyond casual or mere feelings; they are also very popular for the spiritual or shamanic experience. It takes users through a learning journey that unravels the mysteries of the universe.


While the effects persist, you get to learn some important “life lessons,” just like learning from a teacher. The beauty of this sought-after entheogen is that you can tailor the dosage for your specific needs and preference. If you want a moderate or heroic psychedelic experience, you can achieve it all with GT shrooms. And if all you need is just the health benefits with zero hallucinogenic effects, you can get that from microdosing it.

Golden Teacher

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C$17.55Sale Price
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