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High Quality Cannabis Strains at Unheard of Prices Now Available!

We are now offering the finest quality premium weed strains below market prices.  We are selling some strains at 1/3 of the price of others, for the same or better quality!


Engineered by Nature

Premium Psilocybin Products

We Grow Our Own!   
EAT ME! Mushrooms, Premium Magic Mushroom Products, Ethically Produced in Canada by Our Mycologists, Safely and Discreetly Delivered to You.
Shop natural psilocybin mushroom products, handcrafted, and formulated by our supplement experts to ensure a safe, fun, healing and uplifting experience.

We Ship Canada Wide

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Ultimate Brain Power Stack

Researchers have uncovered that this blend will increase Neurogenesis (the growth of new neurons and pathways).  A unique blend with many benefits, also aids in supporting Addiction TreatmentAnxiety TreatmentDepression TreatmentPTSD Treatment.

The Best in Microdose Capsules

Premium Belgian Chocolate Edibles

Hand crafted by our chocolatier, our psilocybin milk chocolate bar is the most delicious way to microdose or enjoy an indulgent micro or macrodose journey.  These are made with the finest Belgian Chocolate Couverture.  Each Bar contains 2.5 grams of actual mushroom. No extracts.



Delicious Edibles


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